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Friday, July 02, 2010

2 concerts coming up!

Dear all,

Another 2 concerts coming up just by SYCO!

1. 25 July 2010 - New Palette of Sounds
To see more info, click HERE.
Tickets are on sale already, so grab yours now!

2. 11 Sep 2010 - Chamber Recital - Elegant Music Series II
It will be featured in the coming new SCO season, so look out for more information.
Nonetheless, prepare to come for the concert. :)

Yup. So, support us SYCO and come listen to us play you music of the youth. :)

(PS: Yeah! I updated the blog! Like after almost a year? haha)


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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SYCO 2009 Chalet!


hello everyone,

i'm back to actually update this blog that no one actually reads ):

SYCO auditions are over and i hope all existing members did well! (:
See y'all next year huh!

as you guys know, we're having our annual chalet in a few weeks time.
i.e. for those who wants to come but have not given your reply / pay up, you'd better do so asap uh! :D

its 20 bucks per head.

so yeah,

For more details, contact me (Min Hui) @ 97598557 or Xiang le @ 12345678 ( idk if he's ok with me disclosing his number online.. so aiyah! just contact me la.)

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Last Call for SYCO Application forms!

Hi All!

Please send in your application for this year's SYCO Audition NOW!! The deadline is 16 Oct 09. i.e. Next Friday!!! Don't miss the chance. :)

You can post it to SCO, Attn: Education Management, OR Simply walk in to SCO level 5 office to look for Ms Lum or Ms Jedy. But rmb to bring your choice piece and 2 passport photos.

See you at the audition!! :)))

Note: I'm NOT one of the SYCO officers, so don't ask me details of syco. I'm posting this just as a member. :D


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Friday, September 11, 2009

This blog is so dead. WANYING! UPDATE LEH! hahaha!

anyway, to non-syco people who happen to chance on this blog, there'll be an upcoming concert on the 19th of september.

its a chamber recital.

find the details on the SCO web. :)

syco loveee! :D

Yours Truly,

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Ok, This blog's been dead for quite a while.

SYF CO Presentation's over yesterday and the annual concert's been over for quite some time already.

What's on next?


and September, our Chamber recital. :D

ask your friends to come support us yo!

Minhui (:

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