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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SYCO 2009 Chalet!


hello everyone,

i'm back to actually update this blog that no one actually reads ):

SYCO auditions are over and i hope all existing members did well! (:
See y'all next year huh!

as you guys know, we're having our annual chalet in a few weeks time.
i.e. for those who wants to come but have not given your reply / pay up, you'd better do so asap uh! :D

its 20 bucks per head.

so yeah,

For more details, contact me (Min Hui) @ 97598557 or Xiang le @ 12345678 ( idk if he's ok with me disclosing his number online.. so aiyah! just contact me la.)

Posted by MINHUI @ 10:50


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