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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Introduction to this young Orchestra

The Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra (SYCO) was formed under the auspices of Ministry of Education Extra-Curricular Activities Centre in 1969. The orchestra was subsequently under the care of Young Musicians’ Society (YMS) in 1980 when YMS became self-supporting. SYCO, an established name in the Chinese orchestra genre, is a prolific performing group. For example, it had won numerous prizes in international music competitions in the 1970s. It was also invited to perform in various countries.

Under the initiative of, Mr Chew Keng Juea, Chairman of Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO), the SYCO was formed in June 2003 under the management of SCO.

Under the music direction of Maestro Tsung Yeh, the baton of conductor Dr Ku Pao-wen, ex-conductor Mr Quek Ling Kiong and the guidance from various musicians in the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the SYCO has matured into an outstanding performing group.

Over the past 4 years, not only has the SYCO been performing at its annual concert winning popular acclaim; many of its members have been selected to participate in overseas arts festivals and music camps. Apart from raising the awareness of SYCO in other parts of the world, it has also helped members hone their performing skills and gain immense performing experiences.

The orchestra recently put up its third annual concert on 10 June 2006 to a full house. SYCO also made its debut at the Esplanade in its September 2006 concert “Beautiful Sunday”. In July, the orchestra was also invited to perform at the Tainan International Chishi Art Festival. To add on to its list of achievements, five members were successfully chosen to attend the Hong Kong Youth Music Camp in 2005.

Looking ahead, SYCO will continue to provide a training platform for its members and help them to achieve higher musical standards, develop artistically in all aspects and strive towards excellence in their performance.

their Objectives

SCO hopes that through SYCO, we would provide talented young musicians a chance to work with some of the best music talents in SCO and experience high quality professional music education and training.

We hope to encourage, inspire and nurture each member in a challenging and supportive environment so that he/she can pursue the highest standard in music performing. We also hope to groom potential talents to be future music practitioners and at the same time, instill upon each member the importance of the pleasure of music enjoyment, whether as a performer or listener.


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