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Thursday, May 31, 2007

this is Dr ku's quote of the day:

haha! these are some photos the red clan took today. tomorrow will be the white orchestra!
everyone(or most) are in red! WHEEE~

SYCO floor littered. HOR!

- presenting our guzheng soloist.

- guan soloist

and a series of 1 conductor with different expressions
- "i told you 8000 times DONT INCREASE SPEED. "
- "you're joking arent you, ting kai? not bringing your xun? what a joke.
-"tell me what to do when you dont bring your xun, tingkai."
- "forget it. come, lets practice cello. "

- yea man! its him! our conductor!

the red clan and Dr ku. (:

- the red clan. (:

Ker Yih trying to act cute. but i think.. he failed. =S

the 3 reddest people! wheee~

- the 2 crazy people at YOU-KNOW-WHERE. hahaha!

anyway, this is the link of jonathan's retarded video:

-end of the day- yay! see you guys all tomorrow!


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