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Sunday, September 09, 2007

SYCO beautiful sunday concert 2007

today's SYCO's last concert of the year. (:

people queueing up for our beautiful sunday an hour before it starts. (:

group photos!

some members that didnt perform in beautiful sunday but came to support. :D

pictures are unclickable.

for group photos, please proceed to the link below

SYCO 2007

SYCO 2007

SYCO 2007

SYCO 2007

[can the links work already? hahaha. i hope can lar.]

To all who're not continuing their music hobby with us all in the year

it's been a really great time knowing all of you guys. though
many of us dont know each other well, we've still been a great orchestra with
the team spirit others can sense.

well, its all fate that brought us
together. its destiny that's bringing us apart & determination to keep all
our friendship binded together with love.

in anyway and any reason for
you to leave, we sincerely hope you'll do well in whatever you're gonna go

SYCO will always welcome you back with open arms
(though you still have to go through an audition... -.-)

do take care. (:


To the conductor who's leaving soon

take care and all the best.
i've got totally no idea what to say but just 8000 heartfelt gratitude.
come to singapore 8000 times and pay us 8000 visits soon alright? (:
( i bet you wont be looking at this. )

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