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Monday, December 10, 2007

Live! report from downtown east block G 1727.

HELLO! we're at th chalet NOW. you know you know? SEE HEDGE AYE ELLE YI TEE!

uhm. yea. they were saying to have some live reporting thing online here.

credits: TAN MEI JOU's lappy. joel.

we're soooo bored. its raining lions and tigers for the past 5 hours. T.T

Minhui loves me! -zhiwen.

"la la la la la la la la~" jessly
"elmo's world!" zixin.

Zixin:" i really want to sing. ): "

tingkai looks so sad and emo on a rainy day.
yong chuan sounds so silent on the rainy day.
junyuan looks like a weird raindrop in the place.
jessly looks so sad after knowing she could have broke the bond.
zixin is regretting on her decision.
joel is laughing at his friend!!!! evil!
zhiwen is talking about her pas experience.
junhe's listening very diligently.
minhui's typing nonsense now. -.-

and the cycle goes on and on.. such a sad monday.

P/S: mei jou forgot to lock his toilet door just now when BATHING. and lovely stella walked in... HAH. juicy huh?

P/P/S: meijou and zixin.... MIGHT have a............................. nonsensical scandalous relationship! (omg omg omg!)

*pictures to be updated when i get home! (:

adios people!

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