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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a post dedicated from desmond

a BIG thank you, and a undesirable farewell.

3 years down the long road, I guess it's finally the end.

I believe some of you may already know, the year 2007 marks the end of my time in SYCO.
However hard I've tried to find alternative paths to avoid this, I guess, all my efforts were in vain.
The December holidays has proven to be a tough and rough time for me, with all the brain-wrecking and countless questions
running through my mind.
But I'm glad the period is over, and the decision has finally been made.

And since I'm giving my final goodbye, I thought it's only right for me to mention the people who've made my time in SYCO a memorable one.

  • 笙组
    I hope that you guys will be able to have as much fun without me, and I do hope that the group will soar to greater heights under a new instructor, and a new leader.
    Do keep up the 'Good attendance' streak we have. (:

  • Ting Kai
    The first time I knew you, you were studying A-maths during practise. (funny how I remembered this. ><) I thank you for the wonderful times we shared, the very few heart to heart talks we used to have in the past 2 years, the confidence you've given me, and the words of wisdom you've instilled in my mind. I thank you too, for the countless times you've played along with my 'Gay' streaks. ;D I do hope we will never lose contact however busy we are with our own personal matters.

  • Min Hui
    Wow. I have 18237452732193284329123 things to thank you for.
    I appreciate your countless efforts to make me not feel left out in any of the SYCO gatherings.
    You've never failed to make me smile during practises, and I don't think you will ever fail.
    Do spread your smiles to the other members, and never let that smile die. (:

  • Junhe
    You stupid fool, stop trying to trick me about your age.
    I shall remember it.
    You are Sec 3 in 2007! mwahahahaha.

  • Jessly
    You're always looking stressed and tired.
    Do rest if you have to, and don't overwork.
    Overworking just makes you feel even worse even if you accomplish something. ><>

  • Michelle, Wan Ying, Chang le
    Thanks for taking good care of me during the Hong Kong music camp back in July.
    I still have many different and funny memories of that time, and I do hope we can travel there together again to meet up with our friends there.
    Do inform me if you people are going over during the 2008 December Holidays.
    I'd gladly make time out for it.

  • Jun Yuan
    There are times when you do have to actually shut up and listen.
    I do enjoy the funny jokes and verbal comments you make, but sometimes you're going overboard.
    Continue spreading the love, not the saliva.

  • The rest of the people
    Not being able to mention you people one by one does not neccessarily mean that you are forgotten.
    I just can't remember all the wonderful and memorable times you people have made for me.

  • I thank all of you for making my time in SYCO a memorable one, and I do hope that SYCO will constantly grow and become a better orchestra.

    For all that wishes to keep in contact, ask around and I'm sure you will have my contact.

    I bid my final goodbye.

    Desmond Neo.

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